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Black Brick is a transdisciplinary knowledge platform that promotes digital culture. It organizes projects, exhibitions, workshops, live shows and lectures based on 'the artistic mode of knowledge production'. The artistic mode of knowledge production refers to the potential of artists to contribute to scientific knowledge development based on speculation, experiment and material or embodied philosophy. 


The name Black Brick refers to Bruno Latour's black box theory. This black box serves as a metaphor for hidden processes of which only the inputs and outputs are visible. Black Brick's mission is to break open the box and democratize the inner processes of society. This goal is pursued transdisciplinary through technology, sociology, philosophy and psychology, among other things, and always with an investigative and artistic approach. 

Black Brick's artistic leader is Jacco Borggreve. Borggreve is a performance artist whose work focuses on the technological mediation of the body, psychological self-engineering and the creation of confrontational scenarios and futures. His main themes are reflected in the three core concepts of the platform: Interface, Intra-self and Extra-life. In other words: 


  1.  (1) the perception and processing of signals as they can constantly be received everywhere in the world. 

  2.  (2) exploring the self by discovering and creating those own signals. 

  3.  (3) exploring and communicating from that of the Other. 


The Black Brick Foundation endorses the three Culture Governance Codes, the Fair Practice Code and the Diversity & Inclusion Code. 

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