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How to Become a TomatoA Conversation with Leon Lapa Pereira
00:00 / 48:00

In this first episode of the Black Beacon podcast, Leon Lapa Pereira joins us to share some insights into his current ongoing research question: ''How would one become a tomato?'' 

On Reason and UnreasonA Conversation with Lars van der Miesen
00:00 / 53:09

Lars van der Miesen presents his research into the nature of reason and unreason through the works of Nietzsche, Bataille, and Foucault, relating it to the modern post-truth era and the artistic mode of knowledge production. 

The Great NormaliserA Monologue by Lars van der Miesen
00:00 / 24:19

During a drunk bike ride home, a highly conspiratorial thought occured to Lars: ''Could it be that my father is not just my father, but the Docile Body par excellence?'' Follow him in his exposition of this crazy hypothesis.  [read this podcast]

On Nihilism and TechnologyA Conversation with Nolen Gertz
00:00 / 45:00

This episode we talk with Nolen Gertz about his book Nihilism and Technology. What are the reasons for people to use technology so unquestioningly and what does the Death of God have to do with all of this? 

What is Cli-fi?A Conversation with the Arias Institute
00:00 / 31:14

This episode we talk cli-fi with Sabine, Andy, and Carlo of the Arias Institute. How can AI help us to envision a future of climate change, and what might such a future look like? 

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